Throughout her career, Susan Cohen, PT has built a reputation for her caring and concern for each patient’s well being. She is presently providing physical therapy to patients in both an office and home setting. As the fall of 2017 approaches, she will be transitioning to providing more time dedicated to physical therapy treatments and consultations to patients of all ages with orthopedic or neurologic conditions in their own Westchester home. She can accept many medical insurance plans including Medicare when the visit is covered.  Susan looks forward to the opportunity to provide this hands-on quality care without the distractions and time constraints which occur in the busier office setting. In addition, she has seen, first hand, how often patients are unable to access care they require because of logistical difficulties. She looks forward to the opportunity to now make this care more accessible.

Susan Cohen, PT has lectured locally to the senior population about all issues relating to aging safely in the home setting. Despite working in her office, she continued to also visit patients at home. She firmly believes that only when evaluating patients in their own surroundings can safety problems be directly addressed. As in the office, when it is necessary, aides, caretakers or family members can also be properly trained.

Home appointment times and days are flexible, in the office she is presently available Tuesdays and Thursday mornings to early afternoon. As part of a healthcare team, Susan Cohen, PT communicates with each patient’s referring doctor to update the progress towards the goals of the rehabilitation program.