Susan Cohen brings a wealth of experience to her physical therapy practice, treating a wide variety of patients in office and home care settings. She was a co-founder of Scarsdale Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation Services over 35 years ago, where she built a successful and well respected out-patient facility.  She has also been a member of the American Physical Therapy Association and the Council of Licensed Physiotherapists.

Due to Susan’s own athletic interests, she joined the American College of Sports Medicine. As a member of the International Society for Tennis Medicine, she was able to practice the latest techniques treating players of all racquet sports. In addition, Susan was certified by “Back to Golf” from Pebble Beach to focus on both avoiding and treating golf related injuries and returning patients with back problems to the golf course. She also trained under Dr. Steadman in Vail for rehabilitating skiing injuries.

At the start of her career, she worked at New York Hospital and also had the opportunity to train with the renowned Dr. Hans Kraus in his private New York practice which focused on spinal problems and trigger point therapy.

To add to her training, Susan became a member of the American Society of Prophylaxis in Obstetrics and became a certified Lamaze instructor, teaching childbirth education and pregnancy exercise classes.

In local schools Susan has lectured students about the importance of exercise and fitness. For many years she mentored local high school and college students during their internship and volunteer programs.